Things I want to tell you…

So many things I want to tell you, but I’m retired!

Just Kidding! I’m MOSTLY retired.

I’ve done so much since my last post, so I will try to only tell you about recent interesting outings.

1. The Library (the restaurant) on Dargan Street: Y’all. I pink puffy heart love this place. I could go there every night. However, I need for you to take me and pay for my meal. I get something different every time I go and it makes me happy. I also want to roll in the chair from one side of the building to the other, but I think they may find that strange.

2. Jacks Place: An oldie but goody. I won’t lie. I quit going there for a while because I wasn’t thrilled. I went back a few times lately and HELLO! Great service and the best burger and fries I have had in a while.

3. Hotel Florence rooftop suite: Why can’t I live there? I have been to a handful of parties hosted in this suite with the porch on the roof and its wonderful. I haven’t ever seen any other rooms there, but if this one is an indicator, it is a huge bonus for Flo-town.

4. Addies Baby: We have our own “go paint and drink wine or have a kids birthday or your own birthday or just paint” place. Winter Moore is an absolute doll. I never call people “doll”, but she is one. She is funny and just enough sarcastic, and can teach you how to paint. Once. For a day. I wouldn’t try it without her guidance.

5. Tubbs on Second Loop: Great seafood place and you don’t have to drive to the Inlet and back. Is that how you grew up? Calling it “The Inlet” and not Murrells Inlet? I can’t tell you how many times we have driven down there for dinner and then come right back. Now you only have to scoot over to Second Loop.

6. Cibo: I love Stephanos so I really love Stephanos lite. It gets crowded, so go early or late. They also have a window where you can pick up food you called ahead about. (Starfire does too actually!)

Where have you eaten lately? What are the best restaurants in Florence? Did you know I always spell restaurant wrong?

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