Slowing things down…

I never thought I would talk about semi-retirement at the ripe old age of somewhere under 40 and over 30, but I am. On this website at least. My actual job that pays the bills takes up a lot of time. My free time to explore is more limited now than it was in the past. I can’t update the calendar and post all of the events that I get emailed about.

So, I am taking a step back. A breather, a refresher, a bit of a time to rest. Hopefully, I will be inspired to write about the events that I do go to. (We all know I can’t quit twitter.)

I started the idea of the Flossip on May 3, 2006. I can not believe it has been SEVEN years. In that seven years, I have truly seen Florence grow in ways I did not believe possible. I am proud of our elected officials as well as the people that have really stepped up and opened hotels and moved restaurants. I am eternally thankful to Palmetto First Federal Credit Union for their sponsorship! I have gotten to know the people there, and they are so kind and classy. I would not hesitate to take all of my banking needs to them. They work really hard for their credit union members as well as the greater community in Florence. They support civic and social endeavors. I am very proud to have worked with them.

I had grand ideas when I started this website and now we have a website doing just what I dreamed of– Florence Unlocked. I’m better at personal entries on my thoughts and ideas about specific events and events that I am really passionate about. You should take a minute and look through the archives. Posts from when Bentons first moved to where the Peddler now is, a post from the first Heart Ball I went to, a post about Cafe Florentine(!), and just generally encouraging people to get out of the house and try new things! (Look on the bottom of the left sidebar for archives.)

I will most certainly be posting about the Pecan Festival and the Fair. Those are two of my favorite things– and I started attending because I write this website.

I love Florence. I love living here. There are some negatives to living here too– but Florence has a heart. There are people that care and are truly trying to make it better. I’ll still be around documenting it, but just at a more leisurely pace.

(Don’t worry– the website remains. The Rumors, Closings and Openings conversation will remain open, but my updates may be later.)

Flossip Featuring reviews, to-do’s, and the not quite news in Florence, SC.

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