Rumors, Openings, and Closings

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Rumors, Planned Openings, New Openings

    • We have Uber and Lyft in Florence!
    • New Hyatt Place Hotel Being built as we speak!
    • HOMEGOODS!!!!
    • Five Below- wish it would be open in time for stocking stuffers!
    • SC Real Foods has moved to Celebration and it is GREAT!  I got some pimento cheese and other goodies there the other day!
  • Dairy Queen next to WF Wal-Mart
  • Forever 21
  • Da Massimo is back in Florence… just saw it with my own eyes.
  • Lidl a German Grocery
  • Stride Rite is NOT closing and that was a rumor- actually it DID move into the Toy Shop
  • Browns BBQ has opened in Florence– has anyone tried it??
  • King Jefe Taco Bar: downtown (love it!)
  • Boxcar Market (Mercantile and Grocer downtown) (I am super excited about this one!!) (I saw yesterday it is open!  I need to check it out!) (I have shopped here many times, PLEASE support it!)
  • H & M coming to Magnolia Mall (SCNow confirmed)
  • Rumor:  Steak and Shake
  • Five Below (Magnolia Mall)

Not as New Openings and Movings

  • Seminar Brewing has moved to Hwy 52 near 95
  • Town Hall
  • The Dispensary Rooftop Bar
  • Aldi has opened a second location and redone their original location!
  • SNIP has moved to Second Loop
  • Taco Bell by the Mall
  • The Pharmacy
  • Zoe’s Kitchen to open at 2100 West Evans, suite B. (June 2017:  OPEN)
  • Local Motive Brewery
  • Mi Tierra has moved to their new location on Celebration (so nice!)
  • Bojangles is open near the end of Damon on Second Loop


  • Fiasco
  • Orange Leaf
  • 1031 Burger
  • Cast Iron Waffles
  • Struttin Turkey
  • Cruise the View
  • Applebees
  • Corona has a new name
  • Kmart
  • Opened:  Pee Dee Bicycle (downtown) (Sigh.) And its closed.
  • Clay Pot
  • Fox’s Pizza is back and I think it closed again?
  • The Library (restaurant not the actual Public Library)

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473 Responses to Rumors, Openings, and Closings

  1. Frab says:

    Well..since I seem to be one of the few on the other site and people are still posting on here, guess it’s still up.

    The Old Seafood and More on Irby that closed has a new sign on the building that says
    Tin Tap Surf and Turf. Nothing else seems to be going on right now though.

  2. Phillip says:

    I hear Carolina hospital is building a emergency room on the west side on 76, anyone hear that ?

  3. Fran says:

    Everyone should go th the Flossip page on world press and sign up before this one goes away. Jmho.

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  5. Gussy Hilton says:

    Looks like boxcar market downtown closed.

    Lots of downtown stuff closing shop recent (clay pot, the library, boxcar). It’s concerning!

  6. Michael E. says:

    H&M grand opening July 19!!

  7. Sean S says:

    Anyone know know what is going in at the location of the old Burger King/Cruise the View on West Evans Street?

  8. Mark says:

    Revival Burger, a quick serve restaurant, is going in the old Bojangles location on South Irby. Tentative opening is September.


  9. Michael E. says:

    Do anyone know if they’re any plans for anything to go up where that gas station was next to McDonald’s across from Francis Marion! I see it has been demolished!

  10. Mark says:

    SPC Credit Union is building a new location on Celebration Blvd. across from Assurant.


  11. Fran says:

    ELGAVE Mexican Restaurant is going into the closed Fiasco’s on Evans St.
    They were putting up the new sign when I drove by today.

    • Bryan says:

      I had someone come give me a quote for drywall repair in my home and his crew had just gotten done working on ELGAVE. Supposed to be authentic mexican, and is being opened by the same owners of Mi Tierra.

  12. Mark says:

    Monster employment is closing the facility at I-95/US 327.


  13. Kirk says:

    Pita Pit on Palmetto has closed.

  14. Michael E. says:

    Construction setup for Starbucks on Pamplico hwy has begun!!

  15. Josh says:

    Anyone heard about a Sleep Number store being built in Florence? See where there is a job posting for a store manager for Florence.

  16. Mark says:

    Torrid, a women’s clothing store, plans to open a location in Magnolia Mall.


  17. Ken says:

    Black Jack Harley-Davidson is moving to a lager location off of I-95 exit 170

  18. Ken says:

    Little Caesar’s is coming to the plaza where Fitness World and Food Lion is on West Palmetto.

    *not sayin that Little Caesar’s is any good though.

  19. Gina says:

    I passed by and saw that a new restaurant is in the old “struttin Turkey” . Has anyone tried it, how is it?

  20. Mark says:

    Eggs Up Grill on North Beltline, next to Goodwill, plans to open in mid-June.

    More info:

  21. kelly says:

    Did the Library closed? Their facebook page is gone.

  22. Knight says:

    I am not aware of any new speculation involving supermarket Publix coming to Florence.

  23. Knight says:

    BI-LO #5550, Independence Center, 500 Pamplico Highway, Florence, South Carolina 29505-6012, was not among the ninety-four BI-LO, Fresco y Más, Harvey’s Supermarket, and Winn-Dixie stores Southeastern Grocers announced to close Thursday, 15 March, in its restructuring announcement. (

    I am hearing more stores will be announced to close in August.

    • Knight says:

      It appears BI-LO #5550 may be among four BI-LO stores Southeastern Grocers is divesting to Food Lion.

    • Jarrett Riffle says:

      I heard Bi Lo was bought out by Food Lion?

      • Knight says:

        Food Lion is acquiring four BI-LO stores in South Carolina:

        * BI-LO #5104, Surfside Beach Commons, 1610 Highway 17 South, Surfside Beach, South Carolina 29575-6037

        * BI-LO #5116, Plantation Point Plaza, 1241 38th Avenue North, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577-1313

        * BI-LO #5218, Spring Valley Commons, 9003 Two Notch Road, Columbia, South Carolina 29223-5800

        * BI-LO #5550, Independence Center, 500 Pamplico Highway, Florence, South Carolina 29605-6012

      • Knight says:

        I assume Food Lion will use BI-LO #5550 to replace Food Lion #618, South Florence Market, 2600 South Irby Street, Florence, South Carolina 29505-3432. If BI-LO #5550 is in good condition without much aesthetic work required, Food Lion should open soon. The Independence Center store could help Food Lion open its first pharmacy in Florence.

        • Mark says:

          I thought this location may replace the old Food Lion on Second Loop but this article says there are no plans to close any nearby Food Lions.

          “There are no plans to close any Food Lions in Florence, Smith said, including two near the Pamplico Highway location. One store is two miles south at 2600 S. Irby St., and another one is 3.6 miles west at 1307 Second Loop Road.”


          • Knight says:

            I do not see Food Lion’s need for an additional store in Florence via BI-LO #5550 unless it is replacing an existing store.

            I wonder if Publx Super Markets pursued acquiring BI-LO #5550, or has another location under consideration nearby.

    • Will says:

      Bilo 550 Pamplico hwy will close sometime in June, they have stopped receiving grocery and will start closing sale on May 2.

    • Jarrett Riffle says:

      Food Lion sucks

      • Knight says:

        Food Lion sucks indeed. It is great for extra high prices, lack of necessities in food and pharmacy, bad customer service, and bad quality products.

        BI-LO has declined like Food Lion. I doubt it will be missed.

        • Fran says:

          I agree don’t like Food Lion and we don’t need another one! I’ll miss them cause Harris Teeter is too expensive besides there sales and not crazy about the pig. Choices are getting less and less.

          • Knight says:

            There are becoming fewer supermarkets indeed. I do not known when Publix may come. I would not mind seeing Ingle’s if it expands across South Carolina.

  24. Knight says:

    Lidl #1139, 2211 West Palmetto Street, Florence, South Carolina 29501-4045, is opening Thursday, 24 May.

  25. Mark says:

    The 19th Green Indoor Golf Center, next to Party City and Academy Sports, has tentatively set its grand opening for June 1st with a soft opening in mid-May.


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  27. Joshua says:

    TEXAS ROADHOUSE has signed leasing papers as an outerparcel at Magnolia Mall


  28. Mark says:

    HomeGoods at Magnolia Mall grand opening is Sunday, May 6. Also, the Belk store will be remodeled.

  29. Mark says:

    Five Below at Magnolia Mall has its grand opening April 6.


  30. J. says:

    Toys R Us is closing,
    What would you like to see in that spot?

    Marshall’s? Nordstrom Rack? Michaels?

    Also, theater wanting to come to downtown Florence with bar, saw an article I Facebook from WMBF but cannot find it anymore

  31. Fran says:

    Ok. The old Struttin Turkey on Irby has on the sign today…..Old South Seafood and More opening soon.

  32. Jarrett says:

    When is the Grand Opening for the Lidi grocery store?

  33. Mark says:

    Miyabi Jr Express is open on Beltline next to Dairy Queen.

  34. Michael E. says:

    Setup for the Rebuild of Chick Fil A outside Magnolia Mall has been started!!

  35. Michael E. says:

    Express on the Mall Closing last day Jan.30!!

  36. Michael E. says:

    They are Demolishing the old Snappy Car Wash and Subway on Evans anyone know what’s going up there?

  37. Michael E. says:

    Hwy 55 Burgers open Fri Jan.4!!

  38. Lou says:

    Before this all goes away, I want to thank you Flossip for your efforts and contribution to our community by creating this site. Many of us have enjoyed it for a long time and, though I hate to see you give it up, I certainly understand your need to do it. You’ve kept it going a lot longer than I think I could have done it! Anyway, thanks again and best wishes to you in 2018 and the years to come!

  39. Lou says:

    Learned last night that Subway and a Miyabi Express will also be going in the building on Beltline along with Dairy Queen and Steak n Shake.

  40. phillip g says:

    since this domain is closing down soon i started a reddit post for us to update:

  41. Fran says:

    Flossip just posted on FB that this page is going away. If anyone starts another like this I would love to know except I’m not sure how. I’ll miss this page and wish her much happiness and health with whatever she does in the future.

  42. Bill Thirs says:

    What’s going on with The Dispensary? They closed for a weekend before Thanksgiving for “repairs”–but never reopened. The facebook page isn’t active, either. I think they’ve gone the way of Fiasco. Anyone know anything?

  43. Ashley says:

    Sign for DQ went up today on Beltline.

  44. Lou says:

    There’s a billboard at Hoffmeyer and Darlington St that says something big is coming….anyone have any insight?

  45. Mitchell says:

    Park Inn by Radisson is coming, 3 stories

  46. p says:

    the pee dee bicycle shop on dargan looks bare on the inside? seasonal business or going, going, gone already?????

  47. jd says:

    What’s going where the Clay Pot was? Says “SOLD”.

  48. Josh says:

    New York & Company Closing in the mall.

  49. Melvin says:

    Does anyone know what’s going up between the Wendys/Pilot and Monster on 327/I95?

  50. Mark says:

    Save-A-Lot grocery store coming to the corner of Darlington and Dargan streets in downtown Florence.


  51. Fran says:

    Ok any news what’s going to be on Irby? From Green Acres across the highway to where the first house is being totally cleared all the way over to John Paul Jones Road. It’s a huge lot.

  52. Fran says:

    Ok any news what’s going to be on Irby? From Green Acres to where the first house is being totally cleared all the way over to John Paul Jones Road. It’s a huge lot.

  53. Michael E. says:

    Do anyone know what is being built beside Arbor One on Radio Dr. I see land is being cleared!

  54. Jarrett Riffle says:

    I was wondering what they are doing outside in front of the food court at the Mall.

  55. Michael E. says:

    Starbucks going up by the Citizens Bank on Pamplico Hwy!

  56. J. says:

    Edible Arrangements is opening an ew location in downtown Floremce on Dargan.

  57. Mike says:

    Anybody know what happened to the Kitchen on Dargan? Apparently it closed suddenly. What’s the story?

    Not sure what will happen to the Indian restaurant that was there on Friday and Saturday. Too bad. Both places were great.

    • Lou says:

      What? I was just there this past week and the guy that runs it was talking as if there was nothing about to happen. Like he commented that I hadn’t been in a while and he hoped I would be coming back more. Weird. And a shame…good food.

      • Fran says:

        A friend of mine who knows the owner just posted that they closed their door at 4:00 today for good. I will be seeing her tomorrow night and asked what happened.

        • Fran says:

          Hmmm. She just said Clay Pot closed too!

          • Lou says:

            Interesting. Wonder what’s behind all these small restaurants not making it downtown? Fiasco’s, the Kitchen, 1031, Clay Pot, the Thai restaurant….is there a common denominator? Just a thought.

          • Judy says:

            Clay Pot closed because the owners wanted to retire. They have sold the building, but I don’t know who they sold it to, or what will be in there next.

          • jd says:

            Fiasco building was going to be a pizza place before Fiasco, due to health issues the owner backed out, so there was a building with pizza ovens. Easy choice to make it an Italian place. Their pizza was pretty good. Their Italian really sucked.

            1031 had the worst service in Florence.

            Clay Pot had a lot of potential, but the owners took random days and it was open at super wonky hours sometimes. Dolce Vita is a better version of it now at least.

            I enjoy the Thai Restaurant, but I am betting that since they’ve been down there for so long, the price of operating in downtown has risen significantly and the margins are meeting.

            The Kitchen was open a few months too early in my opinion. It was open a long time ago on the bad strip of downtown. I guess they just didn’t make it over the financial hump.

            I think some of the closings have to do with the culture here in Florence as well. There’s a pretty divisive line in the culture that would actively seek a $15 plate of foreign influenced cuisine, and people that would rather take their family to CiCis for all you can eat low cost low end food. The people that would go to downtown need to be marketed to a bit more. We brought some people down there just this last weekend and they had no idea that we even had most of this stuff downtown.

            Lastly, Town Hall is way too dang expensive, and my food was not good. If they don’t reform they may be next.

        • Mike says:

          Report back! I’m more upset about the Indian place than the kitchen proper, to be honest.

          Not sure the Thai restaurant is actually closing. Heard that a while back–but they seem to still be open. As far as Fiasco, heard there were some management issues or something, which is a shame considering I liked Fiasco better than Townhall.

        • Frank D says:

          In my experience the downtown restaurants usually lack good servers and service, the food is usually subpar, and it’s overpriced.

          The only restaurant that actually feels like a real restaurant is King Hefe and I’d bet that’s because they have lots of restaurant experience.

    • Steve says:

      What a shame. Great food and very reasonable prices. We just met the family doing the Indian on the weekends. They asked what we’d like to see on the menu. I don’t think they saw this coming. Hope they find another place.

  58. Fran says:

    Ok, the Smokey Oaks sign on the building is gone and the sale sign is gone too.
    Anyone know what’s going on there? They going to tear it down or did someone buy it?

    • Lou says:

      I hope they tear it down. Seems to have had bad mojo. lol
      Can’t wait to find out what it will be. That is such a good location for a restaurant with all the parking and everything; just hope it’s a good one….if it’s a restaurant at all.

  59. Lyft Driver says:

    Help spread the word ! Lyft – Rideshare has arrived in the area!

  60. Lou says:

    New Option offered by the people who own Julia Belle’s…..Lobster Express. . Located in the Farmer’s Market.

  61. Matt says:

    The way Burlington is set uo, if Homegoods and Five Below are sharing the old Sears spot, I’m not sure how or if you would be able to get into this stores unless they are only accessible outside (like Florence Mall) with no interior entrance.

    • Matt says:

      I’ve messaged the mall on Facebook and have been told by them that Homegoods and Five Below will only be accessed from the outside and will not have interior entrances into the mall

  62. Mark says:

    The Habitat for Humanity resale store is moving from south Irby St. to Celebration Blvd.

  63. Daniel says:

    Does anyone have any information on a possible Pep Boys coming to Florence? I have seen a few postings on Indeed with a delivery driver, and now a Parts counterperson.

  64. Josh says:

    HWY 55 has signage at Academy Complex

  65. Mike says:

    The new Seminar is open and is great!

    The new pop-up Indian place ( is also fantastic. It’s at the Kitchen on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s cheap and fresh, and homemade. Noticed there was gluten free and vegan/veggie options too (if that’s your thing)

  66. Michael E says:

    Do anyone know what is being built in front of FMU on the corner?

  67. Lou says:

    A grocery store to be built at the corner of Darlington and DarGan. Name will be released soon.

  68. Fran says:

    A cruizer gas station is being built on Alligator Road in an empty lot before Savanah Grove coming from Irby.

  69. James says:

    Homegoods Confirmed,
    Signage in front of Sears

  70. Fran says:

    Seminar Brewing announced they are shooting for an August 26th opening date. Also Alan Cooke from Rebel Pie is going to open his 2nd place called Kanza inside the brewery. Other food than pizza.

  71. Michael E. says:

    Lidl grocery store

  72. Jarrett Riffle says:

    Does anyone know what is being built on the corner close to the old Nissan place?

  73. Cindy says:

    What are they doing where the old Florence Little Theatre used to be? I see the building is completely torn down.

  74. Jarrett Riffle says:

    What happened to the bar on 2nd Tavern on the loop. I see they are cleaning up that plaza. Does anyone know what the plans are for that area.

  75. Chuck says:

    Does anyone know anything about Brown’s Smokehouse Barbecue that is coming to the old Angelo’s Seafood Restaurant? Is it the same Brown’s that is in Kingstree? I haven’t eaten there in a while, but I remember it being very good.

    • Steve says:

      They are open.

    • Lou says:

      Supposedly it’s the daughter of the people who own Browns but I will tell you that I went and 7 people who were there and already eating told me it wasn’t worth the money and to leave before I ever went through the line. I listened and left. One thing I can attest to is the fact that you couldn’t pay when you went through the buffet line; you could only pay after you ate. The problem with that was you had to go back through the buffet line to pay so that means you have to wait in line all over again with people waiting to get food. Made no sense.

      • Ashley says:

        I ate there last weekend and the set up to make your plate does stink. The food is ok but I agree with the price for it being a bit high. Not a place that is going to be my me regular.

  76. James Thompsom says:

    “All In Adventures”, an Escape Room Concept opening in the mall

    That’s has Burlington, Five Below, H&M, The Furniture Store (Home Goods??) And the Escape Room coming to the Mall

  77. phillip g says:

    this morning i heard that costo is coming out near skateland by west florence

    also when they expand chick-fil-a on the WF side of town they will add a new restaurant between Burger King and the new CFA building.

    and lastly apparently cookout is considering a location on the west side of town

    • James Thompsom says:

      Not saying what you heard is weong, but is there enough room by skatepark for a Costco? I’ve heard for years that the Costco was rumored to go in the field at Ebenezer and Hoffmeyer

    • Lou says:

      It doesn’t seem possible for there to be another business between CFA and BK; not enough room. A CFA employee told me awhile back that the BK would be closed and the new CFA/parking lot will take up some of that space.

    • phillip g says:

      Yes I agree with both of you that both seemed unlikely but i figured i’d post it here just in case

  78. J. says:

    From PREIT’s Website

    At Magnolia Mall, the former department store space is fully leased. PREIT has executed leases for the 28,500 square foot remainder portion of the former Sears location – Five Below and an off-price home furnishings and accessories retailer, both first-to-region retailers and leaders in the value category, to join Burlington in the former Sears box. The 20,000 square foot off-price home furnishings retailer and the 8,500-square foot Five Below will open in Spring 2018. As the value retail segment continues to grow, these additions strengthen PREIT’s strategy to attract in-demand retailers and drive foot traffic at its properties. Also at Magnolia Mall, popular fast fashion retailer H&M will open a 20,000-square foot store in Fall 2017, illustrating PREIT’s continued commitment to diversifying its tenant base and bringing new-to-market options for its customers. Following this remerchandising initiative, Magnolia Mall occupancy is forecast to exceed 99.0%.

  79. Steve says:

    Pee Dee Bicycle is now open on Dargen Street, a couple doors down from Local Motive Brewery. Some community rides in conjunction with Local Motive.
    Downtown is coming right along!

  80. Fran says:

    Local Motive Brewing is opening tomorrow.

  81. Erik says:

    What would you like to see done on the Kmart Property?

    • Alisha says:


    • Knight says:

      I would like to say Publix. I do not know if the site meets Publix’s site selection team’s median income criteria.

    • Alex says:

      A 2nd & Charles may be fitting.

    • carrie says:

      a bigger better Harris Teeter

      • Jack says:

        Regarding the bigger HT. That is a very real possibility. It would be one of the new super flags. 80k sq ft. Almost double the size of the current one.

        • Don says:

          I remember sticking change in a horse
          that sat out front back in the late 60’s.
          It’s where we went for toys back then.

        • Knight says:

          Plans for a larger Harris Teeter supermarket would be dependent on The Kroger Company’s plans for new store construction in 2018 and beyond. Several new Kroger Marketplace hypermarket stores in Georgia, South Carolina, and Virginia were cancelled recently.

          Publix’s arrival would cause Harris Teeter to evaluate its options.

  82. phillip G says:

    K-Mart on 2011 Hoffmeyer Road Florence SC is closing:

  83. Lou says:

    Just saw a job posting for Denny’s here in Florence. Has anyone heard anything about them coming to town?

    • Knight says:

      Denny’s recently reopened its Greenville restaurant under corporate control and after a remodel. It could be possible for more corporate-operated locations to open across South Carolina.

  84. Gus says:

    Apparently Thai House is closing too.

  85. Michael E says:

    So Appledbees Closed?

  86. Karen says:

    Fox’s Pizza had already closed.

  87. Lou says:

    Just saw tonight that Corona Mexican restaurant is no more. I forget what the name is now but it’s still a Mexican restaurant so bit could be just a name change.

  88. Lou says:

    It appears Snappy Car Wash has gone out of business. I’m sure Flamingo won’t be far behind.

  89. J. says:

    H&M is opening at the mall

  90. Kirk says:

    Just heard that they are going to tear down the old Winn-Dixie and put in a Publix. And also put in a Whole Foods on Celebration. Can anyone verify?

    • Michael E. says:

      Which old Winn Dixie on Irby or Evans?

    • Alice says:

      Who and where’d you hear this?

      • Kirk says:

        Was posted on our HOA’s message board. Their source was speaking to someone who was in town to help with Bi-Lo’s closing.

    • Knight says:

      Winn-Dixie had two stores in Florence when it exited in 2004:
      Winn-Dixie #2115, 124 South Cashua Drive, Florence, South Carolina 29501-4002
      Winn-Dixie #2116, Freedom Square, 1611 South Irby Street, Florence, South Carolina 29505-3411

      I have heard Harris Teeter #124, Cashua Place, 1930 West Palmetto Street Florence, South Carolina 29501-4051, may undergo an update soon to add a pharmacy and a Starbucks kiosk.

      I could see Publix opening its first Florence store at the former Kroger/Winn-Dixie #2115 site.

      BI-LO #5550’s lease should be up in 2019. Publix could acquire that store, update the store to its standards, and reopen it as its second Florence store.

      • Mark says:

        The Kroger/Winn-Dixie #2115 site fails to meet the Publix Site Selection Team’s median income criteria.

        • Knight says:

          Why bother locating at Freedom Square when residential growth is southeast along Pamplico Highway?

          If Harris Teeter #124 can do well in its trade area, it should not be a problem for Publix to locate in that trade area also. Publix could enter the trade area if it opens a store at the Grove at Ebenezer.

          • Mark says:

            Harris Teeter is located farther south excluding more of census tract 9 (median income $18k) from its trade area and adding more of census tract 13 (median income $45k). There is also the question of if the population in the area is large enough to support an additional store. I agree there is little reason for Publix to locate at Freedom Square. I concur with either waiting for the Bi-Lo lease to expire or The Grove at Ebenezer.

          • Knight says:

            I am yet to see a site plan for the retail component of the Grove at Ebenezer. There are many residences in the southwest quadrant of Interstate 95 and Interstate 20.

          • Knight says:

            It appears I have found an initial site plan for the commercial component of the Grove at Ebenezer:

            The site plan does not feature a supermarket.

  91. phillip g says:

    So I heard we are getting a boardgame store near the Julia cinema on Irby. I know we’ve had a few in the past – hope this works well for them and that we can support it, firefly in cola is alot of fun

  92. phillip g says:

    I just heard someone say all star lanes is closing ?! does anyone know anything about this?

  93. Michael E. says:

    Do anyone know what is going up beside Dixie Credit Union on Irby St?

  94. Michael E. says:

    Another Discount Tire coming beside the market on Irby St!!

  95. Fran says:

    Ok, last night Flossip posted on FB that Steak & Shake, Jersey Mikes will also be where Dairy Queen and Good Will will be in front of Walmart.

  96. Lou says:

    Has anybody ever heard what the other 2 stores are supposed to be at Magnolia Mall along with Burlington? I think an Escape Room place is supposed to be there too so I wonder if that’s one of the two. Not exactly a ‘store’ but we don’t know anything for sure do we?

  97. wigg says:

    Any idea what is going on third loop besides that strip mall near the Kangaroo?

  98. Lou says:

    Heard today that a Steak and Shake and a Jersey Boys are also going in with the Goodwill and Dairy Queen grouping. Anyone else hear that? Don’t know if there’s any truth to it or not.

  99. Knight says:

    Has anyone heard anything lately on supermarket Publix coming to Florence?

  100. Fran says:

    Flossip posted on fb that the BiLo on palmetto is closing. Someone said the one on pamplico is too but they haven’t announced it yet. 🙁

    • Knight says:

      BI-LO #5550, Independence Center, 500 Pamplico Highway, Florence, South Carolina 29505-6012, may be in the process of closing. It closed some service departments, including pharmacy, in 2016.

      With BI-LO #5593, 2640 West Palmetto Street, Florence, South Carolina 29501-5928, closing, I would not be surprised to see BI-LO exit Florence County.

  101. Shannon says:

    Bilo on West Palmetto is closing in 4 weeks v

  102. JD says:

    Cafe Soule is now open next to King Jefe.

    Just a nice little coffee shop. Spent a nice relaxing evening here.

    They open at 7am, and they stay open until 11 which is nice.

  103. Lou says:

    And…does anyone know what is being built beside the new fire station on Hoffmeyer at the entrance to Lucy Davis School?

  104. Michael E. says:

    What’s going up in the Walmart parking lot on Beltline? Last I heard was Dairy Queen ! Is it true?

  105. Kirk says:

    Anyone know what’s going on next to Cottle’s strawberry farm?

    • Mark says:

      Twin Church Road is being re-aligned to form a ‘+’ intersection with the soccer complex entrance. The traffic light will be moved to the new intersection.

  106. Michael E. says:

    I see the old Ryan’s Is being demolish! Do anyone know what is going there?

  107. Michael E. says:

    Do anyone know what is going up by the Market Gas Station on Irby?

  108. Phillip says:

    Another hotel going up next to civic center next to la bambas / burger bar

  109. george says:

    Teriyaki Madness is pretty dang good!! Get the potstickers!!

  110. Jarrett Riffle says:

    Tried the Los Amigos restaurant on glad I seen the comments on here. It was really great food. Would recommend everyone who likes authentic food give it a

    • Jarrett Riffle says:

      It a try and the flan is the best in town. Prices were great for the amount of food you get. I will be back the tortias where handmade awesome. 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮

  111. Jarrett Riffle says:

    Love this site. Thanks for all the upcoming great information.

  112. Fran says:

    King Jefe opened Monday and only good reviews. Going to try to get there this week.

  113. Elizabeth says:

    According to Atlantic Retails Website, the acre behind the beef jerky outlet is ‘Under Contract’

  114. Steve says:

    Work going on Dargen St north of the Dispencery. Local Motive, a new BrewPub!

  115. J. says:

    Does anyone know what’s going on right beside Party City?

  116. Lou says:

    See a job posting for something called Teriyaki Madness. Seems to be a restaurant. Anybody heard anything about this one?

    • Frank Davis says:

      I think the BP on Ebenezer across from Ebenezer Park is adding on a little hibachi takeout place saw a sign for it a couple of days ago.

  117. Shonna M. says:

    The new taqueria, Los Amigos on second loop is now open (beside heat street) and the food is amazing. If you’re looking for authentic Mexican you should definitely try them!

  118. Fran says:

    The old 1031 American Grill has paper covering all the windows. Does anyone know what/who is going in there?

  119. Michael E. says:

    Do anyone know what is going up in the grassy area of the Academy plaza beside McLeod Fitness Center?

    • JD says:

      Came here to ask this as well.

      Also noticed Ruby’s Corner has had a lot of work going on. Probably just dressing it up real nice for a potential buyer though.

  120. Jawaun McClam says:

    With all the new hotels and growth of the civic center and growth on the west side, I hope Magnolia Mall could renovate and restore itself to keep up.

  121. HfM says:

    What would you like to see downtown?

    I would love to see the red wolves move to downtown with a nice stadium!

    A general store would be nice and it also would be great if they could make a dine in movie theater that serves full meals while you watch your film.

  122. J. says:

    There is work going on beside Party City in the Academy Sports Center.

  123. Fran says:

    Seminar Brewing:

    We’ve been hinting for a while, and now we’re ready to make our announcement official: We’re moving to 551 W Lucas St, also known as the old Young’s Pecan Building! With over 13,000 square feet of space, we will expand our brewing space and tasting room to include food service, ample seating, games and a dog-friendly, outdoor beer garden!

    Beginning Sunday, March 5th, we will begin the process by shutting down our location next to Red Bone Alley in order to pack up. This means the Tasting Room will be closed after Saturday – so get your growler fills now! Our goal is to resume brewing in late March and open the Tasting Room by early May. As with any construction project, timelines change, so keep your eyes on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.

    I think this is great…filling up an empty place and maybe it will help clean up that part of Florence!

  124. J. says:

    Zoe’s Kitchen has signage on Evans / Hoffmeyer

  125. Fran says:

    Tubbs is opening their new place soon. King Jepe Taco Bar. It is at 134 S. Irby. They were advertising for help on FB.

    Nice to see places are expanding onto Irby near downtown to clean that area up too!

  126. Tony Corolla says:

    Did Sweet change owners? Or are under new management? I ask because I didn’t recognize anyone last time I went in and the place was full of teens and the menu was different. The old (current?) owners were great.

    • Fran says:

      In the Morning News today also says 2 other unnamed stores with share the space with Burlington. Suppose to open by the end of 2017.

  127. Nicole says:

    This isn’t rumors post, but what is up with the apartments on 2nd loop with the blue tarps? They have been that way since the hurricane and it looks awful! I know this complex has always look unkempt, but it’s truly an eyesore.

  128. Harriott says:

    Work has started in the grassy area between West Florence High and Walmart. This will be the Goodwill Store and Dairy Queen along with a few other retail spots.

  129. Michael E. says:

    Land being clear between Comfort Suites and Dunkin Doughnuts on 52, Anyone know what’s going there?

  130. Lou says:

    Cruise the View looks closed.

  131. Michael E. says:

    Do anyone know what is going up at the old Savway on Pamplico hwy the sign says SOLD!!

    • Fran says:

      Nope but about time! I keep saying that is prime, why doesn’t someone do something. It will most likely be another gas station?

  132. Fran says:

    I think it would be great for an Irish Pub to go into 1031 American Grill or Mia Terra both empty places. We would love to have one in Florence. We go to Flynn’s anytime in MB.

  133. Fran says:

    Struttin Turkey on Irby has a For Sale sign up.

    Also, anyone know what’s going onto the lot next to the West Oil Gas Station on 2nd loop and Irby. Last week I saw a bunch of guys out there and today there was a Sold sign up on the lot.

    • Lou says:

      Not surprised about Struttin Turkey. The quality of their food and their service is awful. More surprised they’ve lasted this long.

  134. Sandy says:

    This isn’t an opening or closing post so much as it is a question—has anyone else but me been approached by panhandlers in local shopping areas? It’s happened to me 3x at Target and about that many times at the Florence Mall.

    • Lou says:

      I haven’t but I have heard a few others say they have.

    • Lou says:

      Spoke too soon. lol Tonight I was approached by someone at Florence Mall around 5:45. Creepy.

      • Fran says:

        Maybe talk to the management. They might keep an eye out or let security know?

        • Sandy says:

          I’ve seen security at the Target and Magnolia Mall but I can’t ever say that I’ve seen security at the Florence Mall. The cops need to step up their patrols in that area for sure. A few days after I posted this, I was in the middle of Magnolia Mall and watched about 5 cops take down a suspect! They need to get a handle on this stuff now before it gets any worse!

  135. Lou says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice for Florence to have a really nice park? One that was well maintained, safe, large, full of flowers and nicely landscaped. With benches and areas where one could spread out a blanket and have lunch. One where special events could be held from time to time, maybe even small craft fairs. A place where one might go to play a little guitar? One like you might see in a bigger city. Am I the only one who would like to see this happen?

    • Tim says:

      Yes, how about some sort of “central park” located in the center of the city with flowers and shrub sculptures, plenty of benches and open areas, a gazeebo or two, splash pad for kids (and kids at heart) to cool off on hot days. A place where you can have free concerts in the park to bring people together. I would love to see this happen.

  136. Betsy C says:

    Has anyone heard about Florence getting a Publix? Thanks in advance.

  137. Lou says:

    In response to Taylor from post on 11/26, I asked the manager at the IGA today what was going to be built on that corner and he said nothing. Said they only cleared the land because they had the opportunity to get it done cheaply. I will say, however, that I have just the slightest feeling he could have been deliberately evasive. Guess we’ll see sooner or later.

  138. phillip g says:

    Lidl, a grocery store chain based in Germany, is opening a store in Florence near West Evans and Palmetto Street.

    • Michelle says:

      Do we really need another discount grocery store in Florence? We’ve got 2 walmarts and a neighborhood Walmart. Two Aldis. Doesn’t seem like it would be a good fit.

  139. Michael E. says:

    Anyone heard any more info about the Florence Town Center plaza being built on Beltline Dr??

    • Joshua says:

      Goodwill is confirmed, per McCrory Bidding Website, and Dairy Queen as well per their website. When it starts though I am not sure.

  140. J. says:

    Sears is closing, and leasing documents are being finalized for its replacement. I’ve noted on the last website (old rumor thread) that it had leaked on the site plan and leasing documents through PREITS website that Dillard’s is coming where Sears is. The Site Plan no longer states this but I would count on a Dillards going where Sears is..

  141. Mark says:

    Orange Leaf frozen yogurt on south Cashua near Celebration is going out of business on December 30.

  142. Josh says:

    Anyone heard anything else about the Lidl grocery store that is suppose to be built on West Palmetto Street?

    This article was from when it was first mentioned back in April.

    • Craig says:

      The land on the corner of Evans and Palmetto beside Jiffy Lube has a sold sign on it now. I believe that is where it is supposed to be built.

  143. Judy says:

    Charlie Grainger’s has shown Florence,SC as a future location on their web page for well over a year now. Does anyone know if and/or when this is supposed to happen?

  144. Mark says:

    The ALDI on Irby St. is closing from 1/3/17 to mid-February for remodeling.

  145. Ryan says:

    Taco bell by the mall is now open

  146. Gary says:

    Zoe’s Kitchens is coming soon to the Florence Mall, beside Mattress Firm, according to The Rivercrest website.

  147. Frank D says:

    Anyone have more info on the progress of the “Grove at Ebenezer”?

    I see land is being cleared just down from the Jiffy Lube looks like they might be getting ready to cut a new road.

  148. phillip g says:

    so I hear the gas station at FMU intersection is being torn down and either a waffle house or chickfila is being built out there ? anyone heard of this?

  149. Taylor says:

    Any idea what is going by the IGA on pine needles? The land is being cleared now. Hoping not another gas station.

  150. J. says:

    Per McCrory Construction, Florence Town Center will open on Beltline. 30,000 Sq ft total.

  151. J. says:

    Scrubs and Beyond is opening in the Commons at Magnolia. I think the scrubs store in the mall will relocate with this name.

  152. phillip g says:

    City of Florence building a three-court basketball gym next to the Barnes Street Activity Center.

    also parking deck is open now.

    I’m hopefully we’ll eventually replace the memorial stadium with something closer to downtown – if we could get the highschool games in walking distance of the businesses down there it would be very helpful

  153. Frank D says:

    Heard that 1031 downtown was closing.

    • Lou says:

      I don’t understand this draw for so many brewery’s. I find it a little disheartening that rather than trying to build a downtown we can be proud of there is instead a push for more alcohol. Am I missing something?

      • Scot says:

        Like it or not, breweries and the like draw a young, professional crowd, and that is what it takes to generate excitement about downtown, at least from the onset. I think that once downtown takes off, you will see more diverse offerings there.

  154. Phillip G says:

    Tubbs just posted they are working on a new venture downtown – original location stays- they say new one will be “affordable, fun and delicious”

    • Fran says:

      Gezz..just happened upon this page thankfully! Really missed the old page. Welcome Back Flossip!!!

      I think I heard that the place downtown was going to have all types of taco’s?

  155. JD says:

    Nooooooo! Cast Iron Waffles is closing 🙁

  156. Lou says:

    See some land being cleared and developed across from Goosie Ganders on Palmetto. Anyone know anything about this? There’s also an ad on for a position with a ‘casual dining’ restaurant in Florence. Something new maybe?

  157. Gary says:

    Good news for Blizzard lovers, according to their web site, Dairy Queen is coming soon, across from West Florence High, beside Walmart.

  158. Lou says:

    Driving by McAllisters Deli today I noticed an ‘AVAILABLE’ sign in front window yet there was also a sign that said ‘NOW HIRING’. Wonder if they may be leaving?

  159. J. says:

    What’s next with the Academy Sports Complex?

    • Mikey says:

      Stopped by there for the free water at Academy Sports today.

      One of their employees said that a nail salon is going in, but didn’t know anything other than that.

  160. Libby says:

    Has anyone heard what is going up on Hoffmeyer near the school?

  161. Kris says:

    Does anyone know if Sweet (the cupcake store) is still owned by the same people? There seemed to be expansion into Columbia, then several places in Florence and now it is also a café. Just wondering if the original owners are still operating the business. Thanks.

  162. Tripp says:

    Carolina Bank is moving their headquarters to the downtown area. The old Art Trail gallery building is going to be their new home.

  163. Ashley says:

    Is there another page, maybe on fb that all of you regulars on this page share your info? In case we lost this page again.

  164. Mark says:

    LIDL, a discount grocer whose stores are twice the size of ALDI, is planning to locate at the corner of Palmetto & Evans.

    Also, a Dairy Queen Grill & Chill is planned for Florence “later this year.”

  165. pj says:

    last i heard the chickfila near the mall was getting a remodel – anyone know news of that? same location or nearby I assume .. i don’t see any work in that diection

    • Mark says:

      This will take some time to complete. The access road behind Magnolia Mall’s Chick-fil-a will be closed by SCDOT, transferred to the City of Florence, then transferred to the REIT that holds Magnolia Mall. This will give Chick-fil-a the additional land required to build one similar to the south Irby St. location.

  166. JD says:

    Is there a way to make comments appear newest first?

  167. Diane E, says:

    Taco Bell going up next to (or near) Western Dizzlin across from Magnolia Mall!

  168. BevE says:

    Cooking at Rockies has opened up on South Cashua in the Celebration mall. Great food.

  169. Daniel F says:

    They are starting construction on something across from GE and next to the Holiday Inn Express. The soccer complex off of 76 and 95 is also making progress. Really glad to see this back! Felt lost without it.

  170. Frank Davis says:

    Ole Timey Meats is opening up a butcher shop in Florence at 2241 West Palmetto per their Facebook page.

  171. Lou says:

    So excited to see you back! Thank you for all you do!!

  172. Drew says:

    Taco Bell in the shopping center across from magnolia mall!

  173. Joey Rogers says:

    Holly another Hotel is what I heard.

    • Frank Davis says:

      We sure could use some more good restaurants around those hotels. The property looks large enough to accommodate more than just a hotel.

  174. Holly Davis says:

    Any idea what’s going on Radio Rd…next to the hotel beside San Jose??

  175. Ashley says:

    So glad this is back! Can’t wait to see what people start sharing again.

  176. Marney Boatwright says:

    There is a specialty yarn shop in town! First one in over 20 years! Ole South Yarnworks is located at 1434-c South Floyd Circle near Time Warner Cable.

  177. Shannon says:

    Bojangles will be on Second Loop.

  178. Sally Palles says:

    What is the restaurant (?) going up on Second Loop?

  179. Frank D says:

    Thanks for bringing this back! It’s a very valuable service.

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