Florence To-do’s

When I first started this blog in 2006 (can you believe that!?) there wasn’t all that much for me to post. It seemed like every year, more and more started to happen.

And now? Florence is EXPLODING. I know people crack on our fair city at times, but I am here to tell you– we are moving onward and upward. Look at downtown! New businesses are coming to town, jobs are starting to open up more and more.

The Hotel Florence? Is beautiful! I had a tour the other day (Pictures to follow) and was impressed. I love the new Victors. I love that more places are opening near the mall. I still need to try out the Grotto’s wine selection, I need to get to Rebel Pies new location on Second Loop… the list goes on.

However… now I am greedy! I want MORE. More places to eat, more places to meet for happy hour, more more more.

I can’t answer all of the emails and post all of the things that I want to post. I need to go through and update my Florence links. There are new websites that offer a lot as well– Florence Unlocked is one of them. If I had the time– this is pretty much what I would love to do! Check them out today! I’ll keep checking them out and highlighting things that intrigue me or that I think you should check out.

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  1. Michael E says:

    Taco Bell coming soon in front of Toys R US!

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